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This donair page has been constructed for the purpose of disseminating donair-related information: where to get them, how they taste, and interesting regional tidbits. Believe it or not, I get a handful of requests and suggestions every week for good donair places all over Canada. Think of this page as a clearinghouse for donair lovers and a constantly-updated summary of what I've heard so far.

Send me your favorites! In order for this page to work, I need everybody's help. Do you have a favorite donair place? Send me mail to let the world know about it. For best results, it would be really helpful to know

Okay, here's the list! -TG

Be aware that many places in Alberta serve their donairs with lettuce and top them with tzatziki instead of donair sauce. If you want the real sauce, better ask for it.

Joe, a former resident of Truro, now lives in Lloydminster, Alberta. He recommends Tasty K's (formerly Donair Cafe)C.

Ashley of Edmonton says there's plenty of good donair to be had in Edmonton; she recommends Queens Donair and the place on the lower level of the Edmonton Centre. And beware of any place that doesn't have a donair spit...

Breanna says the "best place" to go in Edmonton is Fatboyz Donairs in Calreview.

Bazz of Calgary, Alberta, suggests trying Uncle Moe's Donairs on 16th Ave NE.

Hidar of Edmonton says Donair Station in Terra Losa is a good donair shop with "real sauce."

Jim of Calgary recommends Salem Donair on Brisbois Drive in Brentwood, Calgary NW.

Steve Sims recommends Marco's, Queen Donair, and King Donair and Submarine as places to get good East Coast donair in Edmonton.

Giri of Edmonton wholeheartedly endorses Turkish Donair on Whyte Avenue (and lettuce).

Hilary recommends Richard's Donairs, located on Wye Road in Sherwood Park, Alberta. Elaine agrees, pointing out their authentic donair sauce.

Chris (not me) suggests Jimmy's A and A of Calgary.

Lesley says there is a good donair restaurant on Mayor Magrath Drive in Lethbridge, Alberta.

Chevrier recommends Mr Donair on Stony Plain Road in Edmonton.

Frank recommends Donair Station on the west end of Edmonton as his favorite "donair spot" in the country.

Lynn of Wembley, Alberta suggests Busters Pizza, in Gateway Mall in Grande Prairie: "Donairs come with your choice of creamy tzatziki dill sauce or sweet sauce ... darn they are the very best ever."

Sheldon of Edmonton says "I think I can safely say that the best donair I've ever had in Edmonton is at La Shish on Jasper Ave."

Kenny of Red Deer points out two donair shops of interest: Kings ("stands out with the sweet and the garlic sauce") and Cleopatra's ("light grilling").

Rob of Edmonton puts in a vote for Donair Station over Queens.

Mike of Edmonton thinks Sir Donair (142 St at 118 Ave) is the best donair in town.

Jon and Bill of Edmonton don't like Queen Donair. Instead, they recommend Roadrunner on the west end ("unique cooking process involving a pizza oven after the gyro ... their cheese is second to none"), Swiss in the north ("amazing sauce ... tzatziki that heals souls"), and Jay's Diner in Spruce Grove.

Santo makes a few recommendations: West End Roadrunner, Simon King (91th st and 51st ave), Queen on Argyle and in Nisku, and Kin on 30th and 99th.

Stephanie puts in a word for Souvlaki Express, lower level Edmonton City Center. Choice of sauce, fresh ingredients, and fast service.

Devany, an East Coaster now living out West, touts Sams Donairs & Hamburgers in Lethbridge, on Mayor Magrath Drive South. Homemade sauces, nice staff, authentic donair, with good burgers as well.

Rose says there isn't much authenticity in Calgary donairs, but Richard's and Queen Donair in Edmonton are pretty good. Just make sure you ask for only the onion and tomato, because "they like to put all kinds of crazy stuff on them out there"..

Brittany recommends The Donair Place in Shawnessy, Calgary, for their "numerous toppings and sauces".

British Columbia

Toni of Victoria, British Columbia, says there's a donair shop near CFB Esquimalt. "The Donair Shop" claims to be the only authentic east coast donair shop on the west coast. (Multiple people have since written in to sing the praises of this place, even going so far as to say they serve up the best donairs, period.)

Fatt Matt, a Haligonian now living in Vancouver, says there's a falafel place on Main St between 14th and 15th Avenues that has perfect donair sauce.

T.L. McQuiggan a.k.a. Blue Mitchell (self-proclaimed "artist by trade, eccentric by reputation") recommends KaraMia's Donairs of Williams Lake, BC (corner of Midnight Dr & Western Ave). The newly-established restaurant promises "nova scotian style" donair, and delivers. Says T.L.: "true NS donairs as i remember them in art school @ NSCAD ... it was so good to taste that taste i hadn't tasted since 1986!"

Leanne of Vancouver, formerly of Cape Breton, says "there is a pizza shop / Donair shop on Davie Street [downtown Vancouver] .. The guy who works there said he worked in King of Donair on Pizza Corner in Halifax .. so he knew his Donairs !!"

Donair King is on a quest to find the best donair in Vancouver: check out his blog.

Mehran suggests Turkish Donair, located on E. Hastings Street in Burnaby.

Todd, formerly of NS, recommends Peggi Sue's Donair on Vedder Road in Chilliwack.

John says "the best donair I have ever tried" was in Vancouver, at Donair Dudes.

Kate, born and raised in NS but living in BC, tells me that Hali-Dee's in Duncan, BC is Vancouver Island's and "possibly the country's" best donair. She raves about their fresh ingredients. Worth driving up from Victoria to check out.

Melissa recommends Donair Dude (on Granville or on Davie St) as the best in Vancouver, but also puts in a vote for Donair King.


None submitted so far.

New Brunswick

Nancy of Saint John noticed my lack of New Brunswick listings and offered up Sam's Pizza in uptown, where the toppings are plentiful and the spice flows.
Tracey also puts in a vote for Sam's.
Also recommended: Grants Donairs on the Miramichi.

Newfoundland and Labrador

I've been told multiple times that Louis Gee's has the best donair in Central Newfoundland. Louis Gee's is at 94 Elizabeth Dr in Gander; they also have a shop in Corner Brook.

Corner Brook also has donair courtesy of Pizza Delight, which has come recommended by Melissa.

Mike and his buddies on The Rock recommend Donnini's in Clarenville, two hours west of St. John's, as "The BEST donair in Newfoundland".

Darren highlights Big Bite Pizza of St. John's. The downtown shop recently burned down, but the Churchill Square location "is still going strong." Large is LARGE.

Stacy says GK's in Richibucto "serves the best donairs" in the province with good-size portions. Located on Main Street, right next to the wharf.

Bob tells me there is a "superb diner" in Shediac called Route66 that has excellent donair, with particularly great flatbread.

Nova Scotia

The original article covers some of Halifax's best (Venus, Bash Toulany's, Robert's, etc.). It shouldn't be too hard to find donairs anywhere in Nova Scotia, but suggestions are welcome.

Suzanne, formerly of Dartmouth, points out I've never highlighted Pizza Corner in Halifax (Blowers and Grafton Streets). While I don't especially fancy the donair made by the establishments at said corner, it is remarkable for having the greatest density of places serving donair on earth.

At the request of self-described "connoisseur" Robert Strickland, I've tried the well-regarded Haddad's donair, way out in Upper Sackville. I find that it is indeed excellent, but it doesn't outshine Venus in my opinion.

Robert, a Halifax native, puts in votes for Bash Toulany on Duffus St and Tony's at Robie and Cunard. (I concur -- both are decent.)

Elaine recommends Sackville Pizza and Donair in Lower Sackville. They "sell donairs, donair subs, donair pizzas and donair platters (which consist of fries topped with donair meat, sauce and tomatoes and onions) The donairs at Sackville's are huge-- a med will weigh in at almost a pound of meat and a large is a pound and a half. They use original donair sauce and they also sell huge pieces of pizza (a quarter of an 18inch) for 2.99."

Paul of Dartmouth weighs in on an important issue for donair lovers: the slicing of the meat. His comments are worth quoting in full.

I have noted a disturbing trend the last number of years. Lots of places are now cutting their meat with a slicer which makes all the slices thin. Originally, when the meat was sliced off the rack, it was cut by hand with a long carving knife. When done this way, the slices are uneven, some are thicker/thinner or shorter etc. It is this technique that makes the donair meat great. After the meat is lightly fried on the grill, some pieces end up crispy and some are meaty/chewy. Donair meat has alot of liquid (grease) in it to begin with and then you add sauce. When you slice the meat thin the meat becomes too wet and the meat is just mushy in your mouth.

Paul also recommends Diamond Pizza at Waverley Rd / Rocky Lake Dr for great-tasting, old-style donair.

Aaron puts in a vote for Revana Pizza at 29 Portland St, Dartmouth. I have to agree. In fact, the picture of the donair on the original page is that of Revana's -- I used to live across the street.

Ben suggests Martha's Pizza, along the Bedford Highway near Sobey's.

Gilly likes Hantsport Pizzeria on 26 Main St in Hantsport. Donairs, donair pizzas, donair subs, and even garlic donair subs (made with buttered bread). "Meat is sliced with a knife off of the spit, all uneven slices, making it taste WAY better". I don't have a personal opinion, but another reader has written to me to dissent from this assessment, using the word "worst" and many exclamation points. I might have to try it just to settle the dispute..

Daniel says "the best donair in Nova Scotia" is at D. W. Swinamers in Garlands Crossing.

For an inexpensive donair that's "best in the Annapolis Valley," Innes suggests Natalino's in Kentville.

Norma Jean of Windsor puts in a vote for Windsor Wharf on Water Street.

Marietta says, "I have had some really awesome donairs and donair pizza at Damascus in Truro, Nova Scotia."

From another Chris in Nova Scotia:
"The Wheel" Pizza Shop in Antigonish has by far the most delicious donair in NS, possibly the entire country. I challenge anyone to go there and order the 'Super Donair'. They will find it is nothing short of a religious experience. I've been halfway thru this country and have never tasted anything as good as the Donairs from 'The Wheel'.
From Brent, formerly of Halifax:
For a donair to truly be good, one must first be able to pick it up and eat it! Many Halifax shops give you lots of meat and sauce, but you need a fork and knife and plate to eat it. I consider Korca Pizza's donair to be fantastic - knife sliced meat with authentic sweet sauce, but the pita is oven baked over the meat to give it a flexable yet not about to spill itself all over your shirt texture that makes this a truly great donair. Many taste good, but Korca Pizza makes it so you can take it with you, and won't have to wear it!
Rob recommends Pizzadelic in Lower Sackville on Sackville Dr for a great donair. "The meat is somewhat spicy and the sauce is just perfect."
However, Carolyn cautions that they can be hit-or-miss.

Tracey is a fan of Damascus Rest in Truro -- they have 20+ years of experience, homemade donair sauce, and will ship anywhere.

John says Patsy's pizzeria in Lantz has the best donairs anywhere.

Rose recommends Toulany's and Tony's.

Todd suggests Pizza Time in Woodside and Basha in Cole Harbour.

Derek recommends Valley Pizza in Coldbrook for having the best donair in the Annapolis Valley.

Northwest Territories

Rose says Main St Pizza in Yellowknife had pretty good donairs last time she was there..


None submitted so far.


Jeff sings the praises of Famous King on Princess St in Kingston, Ontario. Good donair, large portions. (nominated four times)

Dominic recommends Nova Deli in Belleville and Trenton, Ontario. The owner is from Halifax.

Mike of Belleville, Ontario, formerly of Halifax, puts in a good word for Sammy's and especially Nova Deli. Nova's "also supplies Donairs from his Trenton location to our boys overseas so he gets extra points for that."

Sharon of Hamilton, Ontario, formerly of Halifax, says Sammy's Famous Donairs in Burlington is the real deal. They serve 'em up in different levels of spiciness, even.

Bill thinks Sammy's is merely "okay" and that the meat is too dry from being microwaved.

Lisa of Toronto says Greco Express outlets (franchised inside donut shops and bakeries) have a decent donair in Ontario and Quebec.

One of these Greco outlets is in Brampton, Ontario at 226 Queen Street East, located in the Howard Johnson Hotel.

Joanne recommends Johnny's Pizza in Orangeville (on Broadway) and the Pizza Delight in Shelburne, ON for its donair pizzas.

Samuel recommends Ravi's Pizza and Donair on King Street in Angus, Ontario for their donairs and donair pizza.

Jason suggests OZ Pita Wraps at the corner of Simcoe and Bond Sts in Oshawa. It's possible to get pureed garlic on the pita.

Mobark of Kitchener Recommends The Turkish Donair & Kebab House For Authentic Donairs on Fresh Homemade Pitas at Bleams Road & Homer Watson.

Nancy points out The Halifax Donair and Pizza located in Milton, Ontario (295 Main St E.) and says it has "the best donair outside of halifax", with great sweet sauce.

Bill seconds the recommendation for Halifax Donair in Milton.

Jason, orginially of Halifax, says the Centertown Resto Bar on 422 Bronson has the best Donair in Ottawa.

For an authentic donair in Muskoka, Ken recommends Terry's Chip and Grill in Portcarling.

Jeff says Hooley's Pub on Egin St in Ottawa has authentic donairs.

Bill recommends Leaf Donair House in Mississauga (3085 Hurontario St) for Turkish-style donair on fresh-baked pita.

Paul suggests Sam's Shawarma in Toronto (Etobicoke, on Kipling Ave) as the "closest thing to Halifax anywhere in the GTA."

Darren puts in a vote for Stobie's Pizza in London, with "very good sweet sauce" and good Halifax style (though the meat isn't cut off a spit..)

Andrew calls Centertown Donair & Pizza "definitely the best in Ottawa" and suggests their donair meat is good enough that some Halifax places ought to be getting their recipe.

Tina recommends trying Donair House in Windsor (Tecumseh Road) for Halifax-style donair.

Prince Edward Island

Michelle suggests Pizza Delight and Greco in Charlottetown.

Mason puts in a word for Dino's Pizza and Jack's Pizza on University Ave.


Robert of Gatineau, Quebec (close to Ottawa) tells me that donair is ubiquitous in Canada's capital region. Shawarma La Reine in Gatineau, QC, on Prom du Portage, apparently has great "shawarmas", which are donair-ish and made with chicken or beef. But Debby in Ottawa says: "There may be donairs in the National Capital Region, but none I have ever tried have the 'real' donair sauce we all know and love from the Maritimes!"

Lisa of Toronto says Greco Express outlets (franchised inside donut shops and bakeries) have a decent donair in Ontario and Quebec.

MariePierre highly recommends Montreal's Le Chien fumant (the smoking dog), which serves a "pork belly donair". A tasty variation on the donair theme.


Matthew in Saskatoon says that Panarama Pizza at 1032 Louise Ave has "killer" donairs, with your choice of tzatziki or sweet sauce.

From John in Saskatoon: Super Donair at 02-33rd St West has "real donair meat and the real Halifax style extra thick sweet sauce", or lamb if you prefer, with tzatziki as an option.

Yukon Territories

None submitted so far.

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