The Greatness Ponders:
The Armdale Rotary
Is it a broken signal? Is it the new symbol of dualism? No, it's just one of the traffic lights at the ultra-confusing Armdale Rotary. The Greatness meditates on the Tao of "yield and proceed."
Update June 28 2006: The rotary is no longer governed by the Tao. Its tangible mysticism has been reduced to an antiseptic determinism: drivers in the circle have the right-of-way. This is undoubtedly more sane, but less fun. I've left the haiku up as a reminder of how it once was.


halifax year one
many mysteries revealed
but one still vexes

five paths will unite
geometry releases

enter the circle
NOW if at all possible
insurance is wise

else yield for one car
then proceed with abandon
hopefully they'll stop

once in the circle
cars will enter each in turn
best you don't lose track

during rush hour
if quinpool is next exit
your circle trip ends

if purcells cove bound
know that danger lies ahead
twelve hours each day

in the inside lane
head-on collisions threaten
helped by lane controls

confused motorists
park for a moment to think
but they can't stay long

the center is calm
in counterclockwise chaos
like a hurricane


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