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August 16, 2005

After the wedding

Well, I've been photographed, weighed, and prodded. I've had a chest X-ray (actually two, because I have "really long lungs" according to the examiner -- you can read into that what you wish, dear reader). I've peed in a cup. I've been fingerprinted several times to get police certificates for the FBI and two states. Now all I have to do for Canada immigration is cough up C$1,700 and fill out the amusing questionaire, which reads something like this:

  1. When did you meet your wife? (day/month/year)

  2. Did anyone introduce you two?

  3. Do you and your wife go on trips together? If so, describe the trips on a separate piece of paper and attach photos if any.

  4. Is your relationship known to close friends and family?

  5. Please attach photographs of your wedding ceremony.

... and so on. I could make a cynical crack about how they wanted me to attach a blood sample except that, actually, they already got a blood sample, ostensibly to check for syphilis and HIV. So apparently I still have to treat some bored government employees to a heartwarming retelling of our definitely-bona-fide love story in photos. But I've decided to treat y'all to some of this first as we now have WEDDING PICTURES! (courtesy of Bryan ReddingTM)

Go to the inside page if you want to see 'em...

Posted by The Greatness at August 16, 2005 11:49 AM