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September 12, 2005

J'adore les Iles!

The Sweetness and I went to the Magdalen Islands over Labor Day weekend. These little-known islands are situated south-centrally in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. But unlike South Central, they aren't dangerous -- unless you consider the French dangerous. The Iles-de-la-Madeleine belong to Quebec, ostensibly a province of Canada, and they are unlike anything else in the whole country. Highlights of the trip and pics below the fold...

This beach has been mentioned in National Geographic and hailed as one of the most beautiful, unspoiled beaches in the world. So where is everybody? It's a three-day weekend and nobody is here; maybe the five-hour ferry from Prince Edward Island scared 'em off. Oh well, it didn't bother us. Everybody else was on the water next to the massive dunes, windsurfing and kiteboarding and such.

The Magdalens confounded our expectations of finding sleepy, ramshackle fishing villages amongst the sand and the surf. Actually everything is tidy and well kept-up, suggesting that the lobstering must be mighty good. Or maybe it's the seal hunt. Or the herring being smoked in smokehouses like this one. Whatever it is, they're not poor cousins shut out from the world, that's clear!

Beautiful, isn't it? Explorer Jacques Cartier, who discovered the islands, said that 20 acres of the Magdalens were worth more than the whole of Newfoundland. I haven't been to The Rock, so I will reserve judgment. I see the Magdalens as a cross between PEI and the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Except, you know, French.


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jaimerai savoire beacoup plus sur cette iles et merçi

Posted by: ali mimor at April 3, 2006 06:54 AM