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December 29, 2005

Pet Peeves with Pax

The Sweetness and I recently returned from a trip that, to say the least, was a rather mixed performance for Northwest Airlines. On the first flight, the crew (or the fuel people at YHZ) rather bizarrely caused the aircraft to be overfueled, and we had to burn kerosene on the ground for 30 minutes, contributing to unnecessary global warming. The second flight was cancelled and we had to rebook to Washington to get to VA in time for my sister's college graduation. For some reason this involuntary change in plans was deemed a "voluntary separation" from our luggage, which blithely continued on to RIC without us. (At that point we were in distant Blacksburg, washing our underwear in the sink.) On the way back they got the customs declaration all fouled up and we had to spend 2 hours on the plane while they unloaded, re-recorded, and re-loaded the bags.

Yup, no question, the airline sucked by any objective standard. I'm no apologist for Northwest. Yet when flying, it could have been worse. Much, much worse. Like fatally worse. And something like a dozen of my fellow passengers failed to consider this when they bitched and moaned about our plight. They had a right to be mad, but their complaints were misplaced and, if acted on, would have gotten us killed. Here's a sampling:

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December 09, 2005


I used to work at a bank, so I feel these guys' pain at what disasters can happen when financial computers are carelessly handled. But still... wow.

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December 01, 2005

Long live the BBS

Nostalgia struck as I read this article about the BBS, my first exposure to the world of computer networks. Sure, the old bulletin board systems were usually gulags for software pirates and digital graffiti artists. But a cool outlaw persona could be had for the mere price of a cross-town telephone call. Back then, the coolest geek on the block was fortunate to have parents who would front him a second phone line. Then you could have your own BBS, be SysOp of all you surveyed!! A stack of whirring 1541 drives was the music of the spheres to a 14-year-old proto-nerd like me.

But youth is fickle, and QuantumLink beckoned...

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