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August 22, 2006

Back from a week's vacation

... returned to find ~800 Gmail "conversations" in my mailbox. 650 were kindly marked as spam by the good folks at Gmail -- that's what I get for having my email address on the Web for so long! 50 were spam that wasn't caught. 50 were from people flaming each other on various listservs I subscribed to and haven't yet bothered to unsubscribe from. 30 would count as spam if I didn't do business with the companies that sent them. The leftovers demonstrated what I'd long suspected: I don't get more than 3 emails worth reading on any given day. And that counts donair-related mail as important!

Catching up on news, I see the Middle East is still screwed. A Nobel laureate has proposed what may be the only (politically) realistic way to combat climate change. Astrologers are vexed by how to incorporate three new planets into their horoscopes for more accurate forecasting. Also, I suck at hang gliding.

Did I miss anything?

Posted by The Greatness at August 22, 2006 12:57 PM